GIF is a bien­ni­al fes­ti­val of con­tem­po­ra­ry arts. Inside and out­si­de, on and off sta­ge. We invi­te you to embra­ce the unex­pec­ted in a public con­text, tail­ored to the city of Ghent. An invita­ti­on to pla­ce ima­gi­na­ti­on at the fore­front of the soci­al dis­cour­se; ima­gi­na­ti­on that is, by defi­ni­ti­on, mul­ti-voi­ced. To achie­ve this, we work together with the most diver­se artists and part­ners. Because a day wit­hout artis­tic rap­tu­re is a lost day.

Six part­ners join for­ces for a new fes­ti­val: CAMPO, KOPERGIETERY, NTGent, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, S.M.A.K. and Voo?uit. With this ini­ti­a­ti­ve we pay tri­bu­te to the cul­tu­ral dyna­mics in our city, in a way that befits Ghent, in a tra­di­ti­on of open­ness and soli­da­ri­ty. GIF focu­ses on con­nec­ting the dots: bet­ween the sta­ge and the street, bet­ween gene­ra­ti­ons, bet­ween the city cen­ter and the neighborhoods…

Expect to see fami­liar and new names, art that pus­hes the boun­da­ries, pro­jects in which dai­ly life reso­na­tes. Because eve­ry form of inspi­ra­ti­on is some­thing to che­rish. Welcome to GIF, our ode to ima­gi­na­ti­on in, for and with Ghent!

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