Cars Beat People (POSTPONED)

Een drive-in event met alle (auto)radio’s op dezelfde frequentie getuned. Rave mee!


A dri­ve-in con­ven­ti­on on a par­king lot, with all (car) radi­os tuned to the same fre­quen­cy. Rave with us!

Cars beat People’ is a 2016 per­for­man­ce by artists Denicolai & Provoost. The work was inspi­red by the coun­ter­cul­tu­re of the 1980s rave par­ties that sought to esca­pe the rules of neo­li­be­ral soci­e­ty. In the­se spon­ta­neous­ly and secret­ly orga­ni­sed gatherings, elec­tro­nic music, post-indu­stri­al spa­ces and mind-alte­ring sub­stan­ces were cen­tral. Denicolai & Provoost approp­ri­a­ted the codes of this sub­cul­tu­re in an art­work that exists as a soci­al form and cele­bra­tes the desi­re for free­dom of the past. Participants are invi­ted to come with or wit­hout a car to a remo­te spot in the city. There, radi­os are tuned to the same sta­ti­on that is cur­rent­ly playing a mix by DJ Yuri Lewitt.


con­cept, research, direc­ti­on: Denicolai & Provoost — with: S.M.A.K., NTGent, CAMPO, Voo?uit, OperaBallet, Kopergietery — with the sup­port of: the City of Ghent, the Flemish govern­ment & the Belgian Tax Shelter